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Welcome to la Maisonnette
Established for over than a century, la Maisonnette is one of the finest estate for shoot and hunt that you will find in “Anjou”.


- the 1125 acres of forest and fields, all fully enclosed, will offer you an outstanding variety of game : wild boars, roe deer, jack rabbits, ducks, pheasants, partridges, woodcocks and pigeons.
- the 7 lakes with a total superficy of 100 acres makes duck shooting absolutely magic, with breathtaking views.
- Paths and roads are perfectly maintained to allow you to go all through the estate with all the comfort you expect.

Our family and gamekeepers have been following each other since several generations with always the same passion for nature, game, shooting and hunting.
We will greatly enjoy sharing with you our enthousiasm for big game hunts (wild boars and roe deer) and the small shoot (ducks, pheasants, partridges, woodcocks, and pigeons).

If you like the idea of comming hunting (Vénérie ou Chasse à Courre) with your team, we can organise this for you on your request, such as we do it for several of our friends hunting teams of the Loire Valley

wild Boar and roe Deer hunting

Our hunting lodge will offer you a cosy log fire for as well as good drink after a great day of hunting or shooting. For dinner you will also be able to discover our homemade French cuisine.

All the aspects of our hunting trip will be tailor made to meet your needs and requirements as well as administrative points including insurance and french hunting permits.

Welcome in Saint-Hubert !

Forêt de la Maisonnette - Domaine de chasse « la Maisonnette » 79150 Etusson
Tél. : +33 5 49 80 29 10 / Cell : +33 6 87 11 77 01 / Fax : +33 2 41 87 21 24 - RCS Bressuire B 418 342 903

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